Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Still Alive

Hey! I'm sorry people that I didn't write anything for a long time, but first I was sick, than trouble with somebody at school (she says I'm not coming to school but I'm having fun. She doesn't realise that I'm making a behaviour therapy and it's no fun at all having a social phobia and the begin of a personality disorder.) Then I was sick again... Now on sunday there was mine and Faye's BIG DAY, the dog show at Merelbeke Belgium. Oh and we did pretty well, even if everything pointed out that it would be a total disaster around a half hour before I had to present her. But we made the first place with a very good and became sp├ęciale de race meilleur jeune. But in the ring of honor, we just made the last place, 5th...But well the judge didn't even look anymore at Faye. He seemed to have already his favorite.
We nearly also good a CAC even if Faye's class wasn't allowed. But they had to call me out 3 times until I realised that my number was called out. So I guess because of that I had no chance anymore for the CAC.
After all it's a very good result for our first time. I got a diploma and a cup which are making me very proud.
I got such a cool gift from my mum =) a bead for my Pandora bracelet. But a wolf bead I can't get here in BeNeLux =(
Well...I'm going now trying to draw my wolf painting. But my finger hurts because Kero, the black cocker spaniel of my mum bite me as I tried to help him as Faye attacked him as he went on my bed and pressed me. -.-""

By the way, the winner of my contest is...



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