Friday, October 30, 2009

"That thing owes me a pair of shoes." // Kumoripaws - Giveaway

Guess from who this quote is? Yes you're right! Pam from True Blood /Southern Vampire Mysteries. I love her ironic/sarcastic shameless!
I have to admit the my Southern Vampire Mysteries - fever got me back. Since I watched True Blood season 1 and 2 I really love to read the books again. I think the books are better than the TV Show but still it has something amusing. Especially I like Eric in the TV Show. *sexy a-hole* So I googled a while and found a few really cool things on Here some of my favorites:

Who wouldn't like to kiss a sad Eric to console him?

If I would have a mother -in-law like that, I would be really scared and I would never stay alone in a room with her...No wonder that Bill is looking like that.

Jason as the new RAMBO!!! Go for it!

Every man for himself!

Sooooooo...but of course that's not all for today... NOOOOOOOOOO!
I'm proud to announce ...
You can win one selfmade canvas from me with selfmade bracelet and ring.

Opened to everyone, worldwide!
To enter you have to answer following question(s):
Would you like to be a vampire? If yes why?

For more entries:

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Easy :) Don't forget to leave your e-mail address so I can contect you in case of winning.
Contest will end November 14th

Hope many people will enter!

see you