Sunday, November 22, 2009

Worries, pleaures and other stuff

Hey people. Couldn't write the last days because I felt too bad. No, I was not sick or too depressed to write, but I got the message from a good friend of the family (yeah he's kind of my 'second mum') that his niece , 4 years old, had a tumour in her head and had to be operated as fast as possible. The doctors could get out around 60% of the tumour and at the moment she's really good. I hope things won't change so that she gets better soon.
Yesterday my grandparents came back from Portugal and because we went out for dinner with them I totally distroyed my diet... Such a shame... Now I have to do more sport =/
A good thing was that I saw New Moon, but well it was good. No question. But, well I have to admit that it didn't come up to my expectations. I wanted more Bella/Jacob relation and more wolf pack action. I loved the part when Jake told Bella that they can't be friends anymore. That was so...CAPTURING!!! And NO I'm not against vampires. I'm a huge vampire fan. Just my favorite books are in my new decorated bedroom and they are ALL vampire books. And Twilight I have twice (I know I'm loony). One time in German and one time in English.
Well enough gibberish. Go to the cinema and watch it yourself!! ^___~ Cinema is alwas cool and if it's a Twilight Movie it is even better!

Oh Twilight. Good point. I found something REALLY funny. (well I think it's funny and I definately want to see more). I decided to post the video.

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