Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Star For A Good Cause

As I bought today the new 'Tätowierermagazin' I read an interesting article about a coming project. December 21/22nd Bonaparte Tattoo & Piercing (at Heppenheim, Germany) with the support of Blut Royal (Worms, Germany) and Inkside Tattoo (Darmstadt, Germany) are making tattoos for a good cause. From 11:00 am till 11:00 pm they are tattooing stars, the Chinese symbol for star and dog/cat/bear paws for the prize of 25 €. Bonaparte Tattoo donate the money to 'Bärenpark Worms', Blut Royal to 'Gnadenhof Worms' and Inkside Tattoo to ' Tierheim Darmstadt'. For details check out Bonaparte Tattoo's website .
All of these Tattoo studios are not far away from me (well around 2 h) so I'm thinking about making me some cat paws to my cat tattoo on my ankle. I always want to do something for a good cause and that's the best way for me. Now I have to find a way to get there...Because it's on a monday and tuesday and I don't have a driving permission. With a train it would take over 4 hours! I hope my father takes a holiday... Well never mind, I'll find a way. Maybe my best friend is driving with me. She always wanted a tattoo and at the time she's back for a while from the university. Mhm... I'm going to ask her. Why else do there exist navigation systems?

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